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PA Act 235

The PA Act 235 is a required course for people who carry firearms in their line of work, such as armored car drivers, armed security, public safety officers. This is a 40-hour course that is held over two consecutive weekends (Sat-Sun & Sat-Sun).

Firearm (Revolver or Semi-auto), ammunition (30 rounds), Eye & Ear protection and targets are included. 

In order to be enrolled into the Act 235 course, you must first obtain a letter of authorization from the Pennsylvania State Police. 

Only after you have received this letter from the PA State Police, you can schedule yourself into our school. Please visit PA State Police 235 Website for more information from the state on the process of Act 235.

Pre-registration is required $50.00 deposit due at time of registration. 

The cost is $350.00



-June 16, 17, 23, 24       9:00am to 6:00 pm Sat/Sun- Sat/ Sun

-July 14,15,21,22        9:00am to 6:00 pm Sat/Sun-Sat/ Sun

-August 11,12,18,19   9:00am to 6:00pm Sat/Sun-Sat/Sun

-Sept 15,16, 22, 23   9:00am to 6:00pm  Sat/Sun-Sat/Sun

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