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Concealed Carry Level 2 Featured

 -CONCEALED CARRY 2- concealment, drawstroke, defensive shooting. This is a 3 hour classroom and live fire range course that covers concealment methods, draw stroke techniques, presentation, and defensive shooting skills. Students are required to have a solid foundation in safe firearm handling. ( -trigger finger discipline, muzzle awareness), and a familiarization with their pistol. ( loading, unloading). Students should be able to group most shots within a 12" circle from 7 yards distance.  While we will cover a variety of carry methods- ONLY a STRONG SIDED, NON COLLAPSABLE holster that COMPLETELY COVERS TRIGGER may be used. 3 or more magazines suggested. We will fire approximately 300 rounds of ammunition in this class. (available at the store, but not included in class fee) Attendance of CC1 is a prerequisite. Class is limited to 10 students. Pre-registration required. COST $100

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